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First know yourselves to understand your actions
Then recognise and value differences in others.
The main aim of the profiling journey is to improve relationships.
First understand yourself to promote more effective relationships

C-me Colour Profiling increases self-awareness, helping people to understand their personal preferred way of doing things. Understanding your behaviour preferences promotes improved communication, a common language for change and more effective relationships to deliver success.

What is it?
Since the time of Hippocrates, humans have been fascinated about why we act the way we do. In the 20th century, the eminent psychologist Carl Jung published his theories that have become the basis for modern day understanding of behaviour.

C-me profiling is built on the work of Jung and provides highly accurate insights into behaviour preferences and communicates these using the simple language of colour.

The C-me methodology helps you understand your strengths, blind spots and communication style by focusing on your unique colour profile. Understanding these colour energies enables us to better determine why we behave the way we do.

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Who's it for?
A better understanding of self and others is the key to driving more effective relationships. In the inter-connected world we live, relationships are the key to success in almost everything we do.

C-me profiling will benefit anyone who:

  • Needs to be aware of the impact of their behaviour on others.
  • Needs to build more effective relationship.
  • Needs to deliver more engaging communication.

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Why C-me?
Whether training individuals, teams or entire organisations – people find it easier to relate to the idea of adapting behaviour rather than personality. It makes sense, personality is fundamentally driven by our beliefs and values, behaviour on the other hand can more easily be adapted and to greater effect.

So C-me is different from other profiling tools because it focuses on our behaviours and getting to grips with our preferred ways of doing things.

C-me gives valuable insights that can immediately be applied to:

  • Build more resilient teams and a more sustainable business.
  • Generate effective communications
  • Optimise personal and team performance
  • Maximise team cohesion and engagement
  • Develop a committed culture
  • Improve retention and attract key talent
  • Inform recruitment and people strategy

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Practical application of C-me Profiling
C-me profiling is central to what we do. Through consistently applying the simple colour language as part of a wider programme, you can experience sustainable benefits across your organisation by focusing on your key strength – your people.
The impact of C-me
The C-me Profiling reports are insightful and thought provoking. They help to provide increased self awareness and an appreciation of how you may be perceived by those around you, whether that is in a professional or personal setting.

We believe that our reports help to increase the value you bring to a relationship, to a team or an organisation. They provide a useful foundation for both personal coaching and team development to improve performance and value for an organisation. Having the reports applied in the context of workshops, coaching sessions or wider development programmes exponentially increases their value.

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