Future Leaders.
Leaders are not born, they grow and develop through constant development, hard work and perseverance.

What We Offer

Accredited training and coaching for leaders who are ready to expand their Leadership skills.
bluePANGOLIN delivers Transformative Leadership Coaching.
By utilising evidence-based psychological techniques along with the instinct and insight that comes with years of ‘real-world’ experience, our coaches release skills and untapped skills from leaders at all levels and stages of the careers.
Those leaders looking to accelerate the effectiveness of their leadership skills benefit significantly from focused coaching given by an experienced and qualified professional. Among those we work with are successful leaders who:
  • have recently been promoted into leadership positions
  • want to expand their impact as leaders
  • have been successful in their current role and are contemplating their next move
  • have a desire to achieve even greater success as a versatile leader
We offer tailored leadership coaching to meet the specific needs of each client.
Combining the familiarity of a high-level framework with a flexibility that is essential to succeed based on the unique background, circumstance and aspirations of every individual.

Your Coaching Journey

Through all our coaching offers, we have tailored the content and delivery approach to fit you the client.

If you are looking for an introduction to the skills of Leadership, our overview reports introduce some of the key topics necessary to everyone undertaking a leadership role. By answering a small number of questions, you will receive a personalised report giving you insights into your potential strengths and development areas of these key leadership topics.

If you are ready to start learning new skills and assessing your unique leadership profile, our self-paced training courses are designed to fit around your busy schedule. Providing foundation training to aspiring leaders and guiding you to take a fresh look at your “why” for accepting the challenge of a leadership role. Built on a highly flexible learning platform, these trainings are available any time and anywhere to fit your needs.

For those ready to transform their leadership skills, we offer or signature Personal Transformation Coaching Programme. Throughout your coaching programme, you will receive 1:1 coaching sessions, either in-person or via remote video calls to suit your schedule.
Your coach will initially work with you to define your expectations and your measure of success for your coaching journey. Our coaching programmes are focused on your vision for success to maximise the benefits to you as a future leader and minimise the overall cost of your coaching.
Throughout your programme, your coach will work collaboratively with you to produce effective strategies for action, develop or redefine your personal action plan and, ensure appropriate accountability for transforming your leadership skills.
In addition to your coach helping you to identify your goals, forge a strong vision of the leader you aspire to be and ultimately transform your approach and mindset to leadership.
We can all do with a little objective feedback on our presentation or interview skills – and our coaching programmes include valuable specific support in this area.

We would all benefit from having time to think and someone we trust to share our thought with. At bluePANGOLIN we pride ourselves on giving professional and passionate support to everyone who signs up with us.
When you are ready to embark on your Leadership Coaching journey, we are with you when you need us and for as long as you need us.
  • Self-Paced
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Access to your coach
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  • Self-Paced
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Immediate Application
  • Access to your coach
  • Personalised Sessions
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Transformational Coaching
  • Regular Sessions
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Immediate Application
  • Access to your coach
  • Personal 1:1 Sessions
  • Deep Self-reflection
  • Blended Development Approach
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