Want to develop your Leadership Confidence? The answer may be closer than you think!
Published on May 07, 2021
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Most people can learn the skills of being a Confident Leader. It is such a vast topic, with many theories and models explaining what it takes to be successful – you can feel overwhelmed trying to establish yourself in a new leadership role.
How should you develop as a leader?
If you want to have a direct impact on how others perceive you, start developing your PERSONAL leadership confidence.
Leadership in a modern organisation is a massive challenge. Many Leaders take on this challenge without thinking about what they want or what training they need. Many theories focus on the skillset of leadership (public speaking, motivating others, strategic thinking).
Often, you will make the most progress if you start by understanding who you are; what makes you feel confident; and how you react under pressure.
Even if you are promoted in the same department, the shift from “doing the job” to “leading people who do the job” can seem like starting again. And you do that whilst standing in the glare of a spotlight.
It is no wonder the early years of any leadership role are so stressful!
Is there a better way?
What is Personal Leadership?
James Scouller’s book The 3 Levels of Leadership talks about Public Leadership (leading groups), Private Leadership (leading individuals) and Personal Leadership (leading yourself).
Scouller argues that Personal Leadership is the most impactful and often overlooked area of Leadership Development.
Understanding your emotions is key to anticipating your typically reaction in a situation. You can then confidently choose how you will act as a leader.
When you can manage your emotions in this way, you will feel calmer and more confident with the actions you take. Also, people will react more positively to your composed style and all of this adds to your confidence as a leader.
As Scouller explains in his book, there is a lot to Personal Leadership. But even taking small steps to improve personal leadership can have a profound impact.
Everyone Wants Instant results…
As I said earlier, Personal Leadership is a long journey. However, how you communicate and behave with your team is one area that can have an instant impact.
Everyone has a preference when communicating.
  • Some like to share all the little bits of detail about every aspect of the topic being discussed.
  • some want to make sure everyone is comfortable and feels included.
  • others want to express their exciting; how much fun this is going to be.
  • others just get to the point.
The different preferences when interacting with the world around us has been of interest for centuries.
In the 1920’s, Carl Jung published a ground-breaking paper that paved the way for what we refer to today as Analytical Psychology. Jung’s theories and concepts have since been interpreted and adopted into modern business thinking. You may have heard of them as behaviourism or personality profiling.
Myers-Briggs popularised the concept of personality profiling and it is now a major focus of many leadership development programmes.
If you have taken a Myers-Briggs assessment, you will have received five letters that “type” your personality. You may be an ESTJ-A or an INFP-T or one of the 16 combinations of “personality type”.
I find this interesting but not something that really helps me become a better leader.
Colour profiling
There are other tools that present the same psychological theories in a way that is easier to incorporate into your Personal Leadership skillset.
These tools present the same Introvert / Extrovert and Sensing / Feeling assessment using colours to highlight behaviour preferences. You can build better connections with your team by rely on this simple approach to remember, identify and act on behaviour preferences.
Of all the various options, our preference is the approach of C-me. Unlike other reports, C-me talk about flexible Behaviour Preferences rather than the more fixed language of Personality Type.
As with most personality reports based on Jung’s theories, your behaviour preference is assessed against two criteria:
  • How you experience the world (Introvert / Extrovert)
  • How you make decisions (Thinking / Feeling)
From the assessment, you get an understanding of where you prefer to be on a chart like this.
A key difference with C-me is that your preference is not set in stone. You are a unique leader. You are a blend of multiple preferences that shape your Future Leadership style.
For any Future Leader, understanding your Personal Leadership preferences, knowing alternative “styles”, and flexing your approach are key aspect to success.
Learning to adapt your approach
Personal Leadership is your understanding of what makes you feel confident and comfortable. It’s about learning new techniques to complement your leadership approach and having the courage to try new styles.
When you are new in a leadership role, building trust and connection with your team is a critical first step.
Learning to adapt to match your team’s preference can be an instant “win” to help build that trust and connection.
Take the first step…
You can easily discover how your preferred behaviour may be impacting your team members? Maybe you want to learn a new approach or maybe you are ready to try adapting your style.
We have created a free assessment tool that only takes a couple of minutes.
You select the statements that apply - we email you the results.
You will receive
  • an overview of your colour preferences,
  • an explanation of how that can be perceived on a “good” day,
  • and how that translates on a “bad” day.
From this information, you can consider how you may adapt your approach when interacting with others.
Mastering Personal Leadership is a long journey and full of challenge. Taking the first steps:
  • understanding your behaviour preferences;
  • appreciating there impact on your confidence;
  • trying alternative approaches to Future Leadership
are manageable first steps.
You are in control of your Personal Leadership – You can develop into a confident Future Leader.
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