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Leadership Transformation

Making the step from being a team member to become a successful leader of people is not just about taking on more responsibility.
Management and Leadership require a completely new set of skills. Some can be taught through traditional training, but many of the skills require a different approach to personal development.
Are you equipped with the necessary technical, psychological and emotional skills to take on the challenges facing Managers and Leaders in this rapidly changing world?

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a development process facilitated by a qualified professional, who works with individuals (usually High-Potential employees, Managers or Executives) to help them:
Gain self-awareness
Clarify goals
Achieve development objective
Unlock potential

Why a Coach?

Executive Coaches are not consultants or therapists.
They act as a trusted sounding board, asking the right questions, and helping you to clarify your problems, identify blockers & limiting beliefs, and create your own solutions.
Your leadership journey will require deep self-awareness and a detailed understanding of the three levels of Leadership.

Personal Leadership : Private Leadership : Public Leadership

What is involved?

Through a combination of Coaching and Mentoring, we bring our extensive experience in transforming organisations to support you to stretch towards your future leadership potential.
bluePANGOLIN equips you to have a deeper understanding of your personal leadership strengths, challenges you to take action to expand your private leadership capability and develops your confidence to shine in public leadership roles.

How does it work?

Our programmes are designed around the three Levels of Leadership popularised by the work of James Scouller:
Your journey to becoming a successful Leaders starts with understanding your own behaviour preferences, communication style and core values.

This is the foundation of confident Leadership.
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Grow your skills as a successful Leader by learning to build stronger relationships with people on an individual basis.

Developing trust and motivation is at the core of good leadership.
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Expand your influence as a successful Leader by developing meaningful interactions with groups of people to drive results towards a common goal.

This is the pinnacle of successful Executive Leadership.
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It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent; it is the one most adaptable to change.
Charles Darwin

What We Offer

  • Self-Paced
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Access to your coach
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  • Self-Paced
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Immediate Application
  • Access to your coach
  • Personalised Sessions
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Transformational Coaching
  • Regular Sessions
  • Individual Results
  • Personalised Action Plan
  • Immediate Application
  • Access to your coach
  • Personal 1:1 Sessions
  • Deep Self-reflection
  • Blended Development Approach
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